Hwy 101 on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

There is something about the road story that captures my imagination. Who hasn’t thought about walking away from a predictable life for the adventure of the open road? The stories I love to tell are about people finding a deeper truth, either about themselves or the world around them, while on a journey. Sometimes the journeys are by choice and other times the characters are forced out by circumstances beyond their control.

My current project is about a woman who is stranded a hundred miles away from home by a massive earthquake that devastates the northwestern United States and sends a monstrous tsunami into the coastal communities. She must undergo a harrowing journey home to discover if her family has survived. It is based on a real event that is due to happen at any time along a fault line known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Interested in finding out more? Check out this New Yorker article, “The Really Big One.”